Manufacturing process of the modular home

  • Drawings of the building will be agreed upon with the client. 
  • The drawings prepared by the designers shall be forwarded to the production department, where compilation of the elements based on timber structures will be started. 
  • The modules are produced indoors from certified materials that are carefully selected from a range of trusted suppliers. 
  • In the factory are installed, in the space element, the electricity, water and sewage, ventilation and heating systems in compliance with technology that meets the construction requirements of different countries and take into account local specificities and the customer's special requests.
  • The completed elements are assembled together into one complete module, and the necessary control tests are performed in order to ensure the quality of the module. 
  • In addition to the internal and external finishing works carried out in the factory, in the modules are also installed the furniture and other necessary fixtures. 
  • The completed modules are packed and shipped to the ordered destination, where our professional team connects the modules into a ready-made building.
The entire production process is cared for by trained professionals who adhere to internal rules of procedure of self-control.
Construction monitoring will be performed on an ongoing basis, from materials selection to final completion of the building.
Timo Houses OÜ has an ETA certificate issued by SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut.
 ETA 16/0968
 ETA 16/0968

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